PowerBand Introduction

        PowerBand is an app for sports and fitness. It can get users'daily movement steps, sleep and heart rate status by connecting with the bracelet. The hidden permissions involved are only temporary access without caching user data, so as to prevent your information from leaking, destroying and losing. The permissions used include:
1. Geographic Location Permission: It is necessary to obtain weather forecast and Bluetooth function.
2. Telephone privileges: The combination of the bracelet and PowerBand to reject calls needs to be used.
3. Address Book Function:Call reminder, need to display the name of the call to the ring, need to use.


        PowerBand 是一款运动健身类App,通过与手环连接 可以获取到用户的每日运动步数,睡眠以及心率状态,其中涉及的隐藏权限仅限临时获取 不会缓存用户数据,防止您的信息泄露、损毁、丢失。使用的权限包括:
1.地理位置权限:获取天气预报 以及蓝牙功能 需要用到。
2.电话权限: 手环与PowerBand结合的拒绝来电功能 需要用到。